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Backpack Buddies of Maple Valley is a program designed to help provide weekend nutritional supplementation for students within the Tahoma School District.

We accept families on their word that they are in need of assistance and simply have them complete an opt-in form. There is currently no screening process in place. Families can withdraw from the program at any time. Our desire is to serve students needing support, both short and long-term. For example, we provided bags to a family for a month who lost their home in a fire. We have also offered assistance to those who were affected by the government shutdown. We truly desire to meet the needs of any student who would benefit from our program.

Participating students will receive an unmarked bag of nutritious food that may include pasta, soup, juice, oatmeal, snack crackers, and granola bars. Bags are delivered to your kids’ school and taken home on Fridays (or the last day of the school week).  Days are adjusted on an as-needed basis during holidays or school closures. If you feel your child would benefit from the Backpack Buddies program, please complete the form below and it will be forwarded to Backpack Buddies. Bags will begin coming home on Friday, September 24th, 2021 as long as you have signed up by September 21st. If you need assistance prior to that date, please note that in your message along with any allergies.

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“When my students receive their special delivery from Backpack Buddies their faces light up! It’s wonderful knowing that the kids will have plenty of food for the weekend. The delivery is discrete, so the other students don’t notice the special delivery. “

-TSD Kindergarten Teacher

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